Projekt: Grzegorz Korzeń (2016)

Materiał: solid oak wood, upholstery fabric, polyurethane foam, other upholstery materials

Wymiary: width 65 cm, depth 84 cm, height 91 cm

Dla architekta: Zobacz pliki

The prototype for Eni was the Liu chair. However, what distinguishes Eni is the lack of the clearly marked headrest which makes the seat lower yet the backrest still has the same height.
Exclusive for both of the models are the wooden legs, stretching out form its sides. The way the backseat is tilted and the pillows are shaped creates the desired level of comfiness. Carefully crafted details such as upholstered armrests and hem lines are evidence of precise manual work. The Eni model is also available in a swivel version.