Projekt: Grzegorz Korzeń (2013)

Materiał: solid oak wood, upholstery fabric, polyurethane foam, other upholstery materials

Wymiary: width 93 cm , depth 100 cm, height 117 cm

Dla architekta: Zobacz pliki

Due to the size that makes it almost a double chair, perfect for a couple, the Wingback model has been named the Lord of chairs. The size guarantees an ideal rest and allows you to change your body position. At any time of day, whether working with your laptop or spending time together with your child, the chair provides comfort and support. Simple stiches, demonstrating the elaborate style of work, highlight the offbeat shape of rounded up sides and perfectly complements the convex seat. What’s more, due to sprung support the chair will last for years. Solid wooden legs enclosed in trapezoid shape give the chair a sturdy support and matches the natural wool or cotton upholstery. Lord is an exceptional addition to the day room, study, library corner or nursery. It also looks great in spacious interiors of hotel halls, offices and restaurants.