Projekt: Grzegorz Korzeń (2014)

Materiał: solid oak wood, painted steel

Wymiary: lenght 84, width 50, height.30, top thickness 4-5 cm

lenght 90, width 58, height 37, top thickness 4-5 cm:

lenght 100, width 70, height 43, top thickness 4-5 cm:

Dla architekta: Zobacz pliki

This coffee table opens up new possibilities of functionality, its mobility is inspiring. The oak top is held on 4 cast iron wheels, which makes the construction stable but also easy to move with zero effort. The form of this extraordinary table was achieved by a handmade simple design
Available in two versions depending on the top style:

TOLIK 01 – edge-glued oak wood ;

TOLIK 02 – aged, oak panels surrounded by metal frame.