Projekt: Grzegorz Korzeń (2015)

Materiał: steel, solid oak wood, upholstery fabric, polyurethane foam, elastic webbing belts, other upholstery materials

Wymiary : width 63, depth 90, height 108

Dla architekta: Zobacz pliki

Tonio is a universal piece of furniture for your interior but also functions well as a garden chair. It’s made with the use of steel profiles and elastic webbing belts. Legs in trapezoid shape are finished with simple oak armrest. Pillows in regular shape are frame finished with symmetrically placed buttons. Tonio is a practical and at the same time an unconventional piece, looks light and neat, and the simple design makes it very comfortable. Undoubtedly, the ability to quickly dismantle back and seat cushions is a great advantage. Tonio occupies a small space but suits both spacious and small interiors.