Projekt: Grzegorz Korzeń (2013)

Materiał: solid oak wood, upholstery fabric, polyurethane foam, other upholstery materials

Wymiary : width 80, depth 82, height 80

Dla architekta: Zobacz pliki

Woodie answers the needs of people who like to surround themselves with solid wood. The symmetrical shape is characterized by the agreement of forms giving each room a sense of harmony. Woddie owes its lightness to its slim legs making it an eye catching piece. Due to the size of this armchair you will be able to easily switch to any sitting position.. The classic, well-proportioned pillows are meticulously hemmed to give them an adaptable shape. You can remove the pillowcases any time they need cleaning. Woodie symbolizes the simplicity of shape and use of natural fabric visible not only to the naked eye