Oak wood is a showcase of our products, which makes them unique and timeless. It is what takes us to a free, cozy and warm world. Thanks to hand finishing and impregnation, we show its authentic beauty and extend its life. Through conscious and local sourcing, we limit its transport and we are sure that in the process of its extraction we respect the environment, thereby guarantee the future of the forest.



The fine, densely woven wool fabric suitable for upholstery use and decorative applications offers excellent technical performance and is naturally flame retardant, meaning it is ideal for commercial interiors such as hotels and restaurants. The striking melange colours catch the eye and the fabric’s sophisticated character makes it a good choice if you want to create a modern yet classic interior.


Type upholstery wool
Composition 100% WV – lambswool
Abrasion resistance 50,000 cycles
Pilling 4/5
Weight 480 g/m²
Colour fastness and light fastness 5/6
Flame-retardant fabric Flammability test English fire norm BS 5852 ( CRIB 5 ), Cigarette test EN 1021/1, Match test EN 1021/2, Fire norm DIN 4102


Elegant and durable, the Velvet collection will add a touch of glamour to your furniture with its soft texture. The rich colour palette provides enormous design possibilities, and the timeless look and high quality will ensure that your furniture remains in fashion no matter what changes you make to your interiors in the future. It is ideal for intensive home use and for tight/non-removable cases. Recommended for practical domestic use.


Type velvet
Composition 100% polyester
Abrasion resistance 47,000 cycles
Pilling 4/5
Weight 483 g/m² ± 5%
Colour fastness and light fastness 5/6
Water repellent fabric 4/5 Flame-retardant fabric: CIGARETTE TEST-PN-EN 1021- 1:2014-12
Easy Life easy clean fabric


Chenille is the perfect upholstery fabric, easy to maintain and beautiful to look at. Its characteristic feature is a thick, fleshy structure with an irregular surface, creating a wonderful effect of play of light and shadow. It owes its excellent quality to technologies that protect it from abrasion and make it easy to clean, making it ideal for products that require high performance. Regardless of the passage of time, chenille will impress you with its cleanliness, provide a sense of comfort and please the eye with its wonderful colour.


Type chenille fabric
Composition 100% polyester
Abrasion resistance 100,000 cycles
Pilling 4/5
Weight 403 g/m² ± 5%
Colour fastness and light fastness 5/6 Water repellent fabric


BRAID is a fabric made of polyester fibers. The weave of two or three colored threads with a similar color tone makes each shade melange and has a raw noble look. The fabric is soft and pleasant to the touch. It has a noticeable twill weave under the fingertips, creating a subtle herringbone texture with a timeless expression. It harmonizes perfectly with architectural concrete and natural materials, such as wood and stone, while maintaining the unique and minimalist character of the decor. It is available in seventeen colors.


Typebraided fabric
Composition100% POLYESTER
Abrasion resistance>100 000 cycles
Weight412 g/mtb
Colour fastness and light fastness>5 

 Pet-friendly fabric


Felt is intertwined in our projects, creating an original detail. We value it for its plasticity and practical application. The slightly rough texture of the felt works great in contact with the skin. The minimal appearance, durability and beautiful colors make our felt creations a great complement to wooden furniture and make the interior even more functional.


Type impregnated polyester felt
Composition 100% polyester
Thickness 4-6 mm
Weight 600 g/m²
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