We are pleased to announce our first premiere this year!

New Cameleon Collection, consisting of 2-seater sofa and an armchair, is joining out MELYO portfolio. Unique and comfy aesthetic is the the focal points of our Cameleon collection. With wooden sides and legs, and smoothly finished cylindrical shaped armrests you will transfer your home into a living space of subtle and harmonious design. Take advantage of a replaceable, zippered fabric cover that can be easily changed if stained or if you simply want to revamp your home look. Quilted upholstery fabric adds falir and novelty. All Cameleon collection items can be easily customized with 4 types of oak wood stains and a a wide range of fabric colors. The offer is aimed to commercial premises, hotels, office and public spaces, cultural facilities as well as private customers.

Cameleon Collection is now available for sale.

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