LAMBRI oak minimal armchair


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The Lambri chair from Melyo is a beautiful, modern Scandinavian style piece designed to enhance any dining space with its elegance and functionality. This oak chair is meticulously crafted to combine both aesthetic appeal and comfort, featuring a quilted backrest inspired by the natural patterns of the earthworm, Lumbricus terrestris.

Its sleek design is highlighted by the use of high-quality oak, making it a durable and timeless addition to your home. The natural wood finish brings warmth and sophistication, perfectly aligning with contemporary and top interior styles. With its minimalist yet striking appearance, the Lambri chair seamlessly integrates into various decor themes, offering both beauty and practicality.

External dimensions of the chair: height 77 cm, width 52.5 cm, depth 62 cm
Seat dimensions: height 44 cm, width 44.5 cm, depth 49 cm


krzesło dębowe oparcie tapicerowane
solidne krzesło w stylu japandi i minimalistycznym
dębowe krzesło tapicerowane
nowoczesne krzesło dębowe detal
zestaw dębowych mebli do jadalni, krzesła dębowe tapicerowane


Chenille, Cotton, Velvet, Wool


Black, Bleached, Brown, Natural

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